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Fun may just be a three-letter word, but there are countless opportunities to experience it with rePo! Create animals out of paper, make your own party supplies, gift a unique greeting card, engage in amazing science experiments, and many more with our lessons.

Adorable BOO!

It’s not only trick-or-treating that makes Halloween fun. Make some creative, adorably spooky, and simple Halloween projects like this activity with your kids on October 31. Totally kid-friendly and not spooky.

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Science is indeed amazing and experiments about dissolving and diffusion are no exception. Prepare to be amazed with this activity which will surely leave you saying “Amazing!”

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Fantastic Party Blowers

Parties and party blowers go together and a better way to have it is by making your own. Learn how to make DIY Party blowers in this art enrichment activity that will surely be a blast.

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A Swirl of Color!

Chemical Reactions can do all sorts of things but in this lesson, we are going to make it go colorful. Check out this amazing science experiment that will surely color anyone’s day.

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Fun Fireworks Display

Fireworks are very nice way to celebrate something but can sometimes be dangerous. Why not create an option that is safe and fun? Learn more about this idea in this lesson.

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Origami Whale

Get in touch with the gentle giants of the sea in this lesson where you will learn the art of paper folding to create a paper whale.

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