Power Up

Back to School Training

FREsno county's
recreation enrichment
and scholastical help

Power up for the 2022-2023 school year with the Fresh Academy Back to School Training.

Creating meaningful connections and sharing information will take your program to the next level. The Community will provide a means to unify the organization into one cohesive unit. 

  1. Sign up for the FRESH Community to get your account.
  2. Check your email to verify your account
  3. Log into the FRESH Community
  4. Check out the FRESH Academy

Providing a central location for lesson plans will improve the quality of your programs, empower your staff, reduce turnover, and level the playing field for newcomers and veterans. To get this process started, follow the steps below…

  1. Sign Up for rePo! Lesson Plans
  2. Check your email to get your credentials.
  3. Log into the rePo! Lesson Plans
  4. Check out the Knowledge Base if you have any questions.