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We can analyze your organization and craft a solution that will Elevate your Programs, Motivate your Staff, and Take Your Program to the Next Level.

Elevating Your Programs to the Next Level

Impressive Features


It is quick and easy to find lessons for your class. You can search by keyword, category, author, or tag.


Lesson Plans are formatted with a consistent layout that is functional and pleasing.


Lesson Plans are organized into any number of categories to help keep them organized and quickly accessible.


Each Lesson Plan will have descriptive instructions with visuals that with the delivery of the Lesson Plan.

Create Lessons

Create Lesson Plans on the fly and have your peers review and help you improve them. Changes are reflected instantly!


This feature allows users to find a Lesson Plan, favorite it, and quickly retrieve Lesson Plans to be used in the future.

Lesson Set

Organize a group of Lesson Plans together such as planning for the month, a thematic activity, or a special event.

Share Globally

Lesson Plans can be made available to a school site, school district, or collection in a larger organization.


Look at everything in one view such as total lesson plans, lesson plans per category, and lesson plans per grade.

Download PDF

Lesson Plans can be converted to a PDF, downloaded, printed, and share with the entire team.


Worksheets can be created using external tools and added directly to the Lesson Plan to keep everything in one place.

Learning Materials

rePo! Lessons has activities that can supplement your existing learning materials as an incentive.